Bike bag hire or buy

For occasional travel when your bike is flying with you, hiring a bike bag or case is the perfect solution, after all, why buy something that will spend most of its time taking up space in the garage or shed?

These are the bike bags we use when we travel.

We have two types that both offer great protection for your bike.

SCICON Aero comfort TSA 2.0

Hire from $50 first week & $30 each week after or ask us a price to purchase your own

The AeroComfort TSA 2.0 is the perfect solution for cyclists wishing to protect their precious load when travelling by plane but don’t want to use a hard case, which can (for example) be difficult to fit inside small car. The AeroComfort TSA 2.0 offers the flexibility and lightness of soft bags, combined with the stability and safety of a hard case. It comes with the Antishock Bike Frame which protects all critical parts from impacts and vibrations and it has the ISS (Inside Stabilizer System).

weight 7.8kg

Bike pod hardcase

Hire from $50 first week & $30 each week after or ask us a price to purchase your own

The semi-rigid EVA-foam Pod offers bomber protection while boasting a check-in friendly 6.7kg weight. A 3/4-length peripheral zip opens the Pod’s two clamshell halves to allow you to lie the frame on one side and pop the wheels into moulded recesses in the other.

Two external holes allow you to secure the wheels using their quick-release skewers (assuming you use 9mm QR) but we preferred to simply pack the wheels tight with extra clothes. The Pod’s small size means fitting bigger bikes can be snug, but the contents don’t shift during transit.

Only has 2 wheels at the back so you have to lift the pod by the front handle to drag it around.

Weight 6.7kg

Hire costs are $50 for the first week, and $30 per successive week.

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Licence and credit card must be produced in person on pick up

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We have 2 really good travel solutions for you here. The Bike pod offers very good protection, the case material is quite firm, and the case is light at 6.7kgs, something you have to think about with airlines charging plenty for excess baggage. The Scicon bag while technically a “soft” bag is very thickly padded. Although heavier at 7.8kg it does have four wheels versus the Pods two, making it much easier than the pod to tow around.

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