Cervelo R5 makes breaking the 6.0kg barrier easy

I can tell you this was the most eagerly awaited bike we have recieved in a long time. The old R5 was a sensational bike, hard to see where improvements could come, but I can tell you the latest version is improved in every regard. And yes weight weenies this new R5 makes losing weight easier and more affordable than ever before.

Visually, the new R5 pleases, many subtle differences include neat internal cabling, and a flawless matt finish. The exterior is notably smoother and more even than any previous Cervelo. Riding this bike will leave you grinning. It is ridiculously light and easy to ride, it jumps like a cat on a hot tin roof, it does not rattle your teeth on bumps. Quite simply riding this bike will spoil you! As for components, it’s all good. The  Dura Ace 9000 is a joy, the latest in light bars, stem and post from FSA. The cheap Fizik Antares saddle is the odd one out but is easily swapped out. Throw in some light race wheels and you are looking at a sub 6.0 kg bike.

The new frame takes its design cues from Cervelos hand made “project california” bike, a desirable but hideously expensive.superbike. Basically the new R5 is a mass produced version, giving same performance but at less than half the price. The engineers have achieved a high point in benchmark tests on strength to weight and stiffness to weight. Climbers, roadies, endurance riders, look seriously at this bike, the ride is sublime.

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