Level 1 – Guru Bike Finder   $99

Determines your appropriate bike model, size and basic position (without optimization)*

Level 2 – Comprehensive Guru Fit $249


– Pre-fit assessment questionnaire
– Prefit interview – goals, injuries, profile
– Comprehensive physical assessment – 20 point
– X/Y analysis – Optimise saddle position, bar position on Guru Bike
– Kinetic chain, hip-knee-foot alignment
– Spin scan analysis – pedal stroke and power output
– Transfer final position to existing bike
– Modifications to equipment as needed
– Up to two follow-up appointments to ensure successful adaptation

Triathlon/TT Bike Fitting $299

A comprehensive Guru fit for TT position

Additional Services: Power Optimization $50

Analysis of your position to optimize power output when performing Level 2 – Comprehensive Guru Fit or Triathlon/TT Bike Fitting

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*Price of Guru Bike Finder service may be discounted off the purchase price of a bike purchased from Croydon Cycleworks.

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