How long since your last bike fit?

Real time feedback

IMG_0115_100pcWe love riding our bikes.We ride them as often as we are able. One thing that we don’t necessarily notice while we are riding is changes in our own power, strength or flexibility.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable or go fast; or both. Improvements or decline in any of these areas, or an injury that has been sustained will change your ability to get the most speed or comfort out of your ride.

Changes in any of these elements, can lead to a need for a bike fit.

The Guru

It doesn’t matter whether you are a road cyclist, mountain biker, commuter or just like to cruise the bike paths, an athlete or just a casual rider, the need for a bike fit is the same.

A good fit gets the most of what you want out of the bike and lowers the chance of sustaining a repetitive injury.

A poor bike fit can lead to upper back/shoulder injury, lower back/hip injury or knee injuries just to list a few. This will probably lead to multiple trips to the physiotherapist.

Our staff have collectively over 20 years of bike fitting experience, coupled with our state of the art in store technology to deliver you the most comfortable or fast set up on the bike. Most of all we know how a great bike fit should feel. We know what most riders want and we aim to deliver that with our bike fits. So for little more than two trips to a physio, we can give you the bike fit that suits your needs.

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