Micks bio

“I started racing in 1981 with Blackburn cycling club on both road and track. Began work at the Bicycle Workshop soon after under guidance of owner Nigel Letty, who taught both mechanical skills as well as what it took to run your own business. Nigel was a great mentor. I started my first bike shop in 1984 Open Road Cycles in Glen Waverly (named after my father Jack’s bike shop in Ripponlea). I became partner in Bicycle Workshop in 1986. Began a long involvement with mountain bike racing in 1984, started running mountain bike events for The Fat Tyre Flyers club in 1987 with brother Simon. Started Australias first MTB only store with brother Simon in 1988. Started Melbournes first triathlon store in 1991 (Triathlete) with partners Robin Tullett and John Buskes. Had some very good results on both the road and the mountain bike in the 90’s  earning a bronze medal in Australian XC championship and raced in Italy and the U.S. as member of the Australian team. Lining up at the worlds was the high point of my cycling, but I have plenty of great memories of epic racing particularly the Victorian Pro-am opens from ’88 to ’92  when i was at my fittest. And of course there are the great mates you make when you are striving together to succeed in a tough sport. I still enjoy racing (somewhat infrequently) but much prefer a social ride  followed by coffee, cake and some bench racing with friends (talking about who was faster back in the day)

Young Jamo

One of my early races with Blackburn. Knox City criteriums 1981. D grade!


First race win for young Jamo